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    Radio Frequency Systems has added three broadband 90-degree beamwidth cellular antennas to its Optimizer product group. The additions are the variable electrical tilt APXV18-20914 and APXV18-20915, and the fixed tilt APX86-909014L

    “The 90-degree aperture cellular antenna is proving to be a vital complement to conventional 65-degree aperture antennas,” said Patrick Nobileau, RFS Vice President Base Station Antenna Systems.
    “In some cases, 65-degree proves the best choice, as it results in a minimal bit error rate. In other cases, a 90-degree aperture is optimal, as in a tri-sector configuration it provides coverage that is closer to a perfect circle. RFS now offers antenna solutions in both 65- and 90-degree beamwidths, ensuring network planners greater network optimization flexibility.”
    All three antennas are broadband, with the APXV18-20914 and APXV18-20915 supporting frequencies in the 1710 to 2170 MHz band, while the APX86-90914L accommodates frequencies in the 806 to 960 MHz band. The APX86-90914L supports  850 MHz, trunking/specialized mobile radio (SMR) 800 MHz, and global system for mobile communications (GSM) 900 MHz services.
    The APXV18-20914/15 antennas support GSM 1800 MHz, personal communication services (PCS) 1900 MHz and universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) 2100 MHz services.