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    UK UI specialist sells up to Qualcomm


    Qualcomm has bought UK User Interface developer Trigenix with the intention of adding the software to its BREW client software model. 

    QUALCOMM paid approximately US $36 million in cash for Trigenix, which had become something of a star pupil of the mobile community, developing brandable UI solutions that allowed operators to directly push out services to users in a themed manner.
    BREW includes a UI Toolkit alongside its client software,  and the Trigenix capabilities will be “added” to that, Qualcomm claimed, boosting the US vendor’s presence in the European market.
    “Adding the capabilities of Trigenix technologies, including the Trigenix Trigplayer(TM), provides an expanded UI development tool set that allows BREW operators and device manufacturers to custom build core phone functions like address books, messaging menus, navigation methods, colour schemes and icon s3tyles” a Qualcomm statement said.
    The solution also permits secure, periodic over-the-air (OTA) updates, allowing anv operator to “push” new content to the UI, such as branding refreshes and marketing promotions, as well as periodic software updates or feature upgrades to the handset.
    “QUALCOMM’s acquisition of Trigenix marks a significant next step in the company’s efforts to bring enhanced 3G wireless data services to Europe,” said Peggy Johnson, president of QUALCOMM Internet Services.
    “Joining a wireless leader such as QUALCOMM, and strengthening our relationship with the worldwide community of BREW publishers, developers, operators and handset manufacturers, provides an excellent chance to advance Trigenix technology and better meet the need for customisable UI products and services,” said Steve Ives, CEO, Trigenix.

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