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    SIP services to enable converged mobile/ broadband applications


    Nokia has said that the first operator trials are underway of SIP based services from Hotsip, as part of Nokia’s IP Multimedia Subsystem offering for network operators. The vendor will integrate Hotsip’s SIP PC Client, the Hotsip Active Contacts PC, as part of the its solution, and will also use Hotsip’s Multimedia Communications Engine (M2CE) to provide Voice Instant Messaging.

    The SIP PC Client and the Nokia offering will enable operators to offer new multimedia services between PCs and mobile phones. convergence between different devices and access technologies is hoped to be one of the benefits of IMS. Presence, instant messaging, and calls between a mobile phone and a SIP PC client are all examples of SIP based services.
    The Hotsip M2CE can be deployed as an application server for the Nokia offering for the implementation of Voice Instant Messaging service.
    “Nokia chose Hotsip because of strong presence in Internet applications and the capability of its SIP PC Client,” says Petri Payhanen, vice president, Networks, Nokia. “The proven interoperability of the Nokia IP Multimedia Subsystem offering and Hotsip’s solutions will allow operators to deploy new and exciting applications. Our cooperation with Hotsip will further drive the convergence of mobile and broadband networks.”
    “Nokia’s IMS technology provides the perfect match for demonstrating what the M2CE can do,” says Kenneth Gustafsson, ceo, Hotsip. “SIP is transforming the world of communication services and, together with Nokia, we are on the forefront in creating new opportunities.”

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