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    The Smart answer to operators’ OTA capacity problems


    Mobile operators often face the challenge of needing to quickly add capacity to their OTA (over the air) infrastructures. The traditional approach to doing this —  adding  high capacity servers — represents a challenge to operators who are closely managing their operating and capital expenditures.

    Mobile solutions company SmartTrust has developed and launched SmartCore Multinode. Based on the company’s existing SmartCore environment, Multinode is designed to deliver an ‘on-demand’ approach to building highly scalable, high capacity environments for the OTA management of mobile subscribers, their devices and their access to services.
    The use of OTA platforms to manage subscribers has become a core component in operator infrastructures; remotely managing the complete lifecycle of the subscriber from initial service and device configuration to regular updates on both the SIM and terminal.
    An increase in mobile device ownership, combined with ever more sophisticated mobile services, has led many operators to begin scaling their OTA platforms and support the increase in OTA traffic.
    Even a simple batch update of all SIM cards in a network, perhaps to reflect changes to roaming lists, may take several weeks for an operator with several million customers.
    This update may also need to be run concurrently with automatic device detection and configuration to support new customers joining the network.
     Opening-up the possibility for horizontal scalability by distributing the traffic over several hardware nodes running concurrently, SmartCore Multinode overcomes the need to invest in single high-capacity, high-cost hardware.
    Instead, multiple nodes of SmartTrust Delivery Platform can be run concurrently using a cluster configuration of smaller, more cost efficient servers.
    The resulting architecture means capacity can be increased cost efficiently and within weeks rather than months, Lars Irenius, head of product management at SmartTrust claimed