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    Push email without specialist hardware


    Ericsson Enterprise has introduced the latest generation of its Ericsson Mobile Organizer, EMO 5.0, whose chief addition is a ‘push’ email solution  with no requirement for proprietary hardware or special devices.

    EMO 5.0 provides push e-mail and calendar data to most Symbian smartphones and Windows Mobile smartphones. E-mails, calendar updates and meeting requests are automatically delivered to the user via the mobile network. Changes in the mobile device’s inbox are instantly mirrored in the user’s desktop mailbox, and vice versa. EMO 5.0 also offers secure access, with built-in end-to-end data encryption.
    Customers do not need to purchase special mobile devices, and effective use of mobile bandwidth is made through compression and control of downloaded data. Attachments can be and edited by the user. Installation and maintenance are also designed to be as straightforward as possible.
    The solution is a competitor to the many dedicated client solutions aimed at helping operators crack the push email market.