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    BT’s in-building coverage


    BT Wholesale is using in-building GSM specialist ip.access’ nanoGSM equipment to offer GSM in-building coverage to mobile operators. 

    The service combines the nanoBTS basestations with BT’s DSL infrastructure for backhaul. The idea is to market the coverage to operators looking to offer increased coverage and extended capacity to corporate offices and campus locations.
    “ip.access’ ground-breaking technology complements our UK-wide DSL network, adding a new IP-based managed solution which complements our growing wireless services and solution portfolio,” said Ian Welham, General Manager, Wireless Services and Solutions, BT Wholesale Markets.
    Stephen Mallinson, managing director, ip.access, added, “This contract is an important milestone in the widespread adoption of nanoGSM technology and is further recognition of our strong belief in using existing networks to deploy GSM in-building.”
    The ip.access nanoBTS is a GSM picocell basestation that  is part of the ip.access nanoGSM solution, which allows network operators to boost mobile phone coverage in previously hard-to-reach areas.