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    Canadian firm brings mobile IM to KPN


    Mobile messaging provider OZ has announced that it has teamed with KPN to offer instant messaging (IM) via Microsoft’s MSN service, to KPN’s 6.3 millions customers.

    Starting today, KPN customers can access their MSN IM service chat by sending and receiving IM’s from their i-mode mobile phones, whether their contacts are logged in on a PC or on a mobile device. KPN customers can connect to their MSN Instant Messenger  by selecting ‘MSN Instant Messenger’ from their application folder and entering their existing IM username and password.

    Expanding the communications options for our valued customers is important for us at KPN,” said Marcel Timmerhuis, Manager for Mobile Consumer Marketing at KPN. “We are delighted to offer this affordable and fun service to our i-mode customers and we are very pleased to be working with OZ in delivering this coveted service to our customers.”

    The  OZ  Mobile IM Solution is a standards-based  and customizable client   application   that  enables  mobile operators to offer a mobile IM experience  that looks familiar to users’ existing desktop IM services, and allows  end-users to  select which IM service they would like to use.

    “Being away for your PC doesn’t mean that you should not be able to stay in touch with the people that matter most in your life,” said Skuli Mogensen, CEO and Founder of OZ. “As Europe’s mobile users continue to demand data services that enable them to stay connected while they are on the go, the
    OZ Mobile IM Solution provides a fantastic, easy and affordable way to deliver this capability to mobile subscribers.”

    This is OZ Communications’ first announced operator contract in EUrope, and the company is hoping the usability and flexibility of its mobile IM solution will overcome some operator concerns about the potential impact of IM on other messaging revenues.

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