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    Digital rights for T-Mobile’s Juke Box


    Secure Digital Container’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is powering T-Mobile International’s new Mobile Juke Box service in Germany.

    The service, launched at IFA 2005, marks T-Mobile’s entrance into the full length music track download arena.
    In addition to the DRM technology, SDC is also providing the Musikplayer, which is installed on the mobile device and manages the selection and playback of music. The SDC Musikplayer has been developed to mirror T-Mobile’s look, feel and branding.
    T-Mobile’s full-length, over the air, music download service enables an estimated 28 million German customers to select, retrieve and store tracks to their mobile phones from a six-figure catalogue that includes titles from all the major labels, including Universal Music, Warner Music Group, EMI and other Independent labels.
    T-Mobile is basing its music delivery service on the Siemens M2Y Music ASP Service and DWS ADORA Content Delivery Platform — which is also being used by T-Mobile’s sister company, T-Online, for the “Musicload” Music Service in Germany. Siemens M2Y provides the ASP-infrastructure, with SDC providing its DRM technology and the SDC Music Player for Java and Symbian handsets to provide a complete solution.
    The Nokia 6630 and the Nokia 6680 are the first devices available on the service. The MDA Compact and other devices will be available soon.
    A brand new feature is the SIM-bound DRM lock which enables customers to transfer their tracks to a new phone with the same SIM card, without having to re-download.