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    Nokia tries enterprise approach


    Nokia has partnerships with operators, systems integrators and major software providers in multiple attempts to crack the mobile enterprise market. Now Nokia has said it will go it alone as it has announced an initiative to provide businesses with the resources they need, the know-how and the means, to successfully enable workforce mobility.

    Over the next twelve months, Nokia will provide reference materials for businesses and employees on mobile technology strategies and use, their deployment and implementation, and controlling costs and building ROI. Nokia will also bolster its portfolio of business offerings with the introduction of new mobility products and services to be announced in the next three months. The company hopes these offerings will drive cost savings, productivity benefits, and promote ease-of-use for companies of all sizes and industries.
    “What if every employee got to choose his or her own PC or laptop hardware, operating system, applications, service provider and security policies, and the IT department had to manage and support it all? For most companies, that is exactly what’s happening today with mobile technology,” said Olivier Cognet, vice president, strategy and business development, Nokia Enterprise Solutions.