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    Ireland showcases mobile innovation at the 3GSM World Congress 2006


    Eighteen of Ireland’s leading telecommunications companies will be showcasing innovative solutions for the mobile industry at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on 13-16 February, 2006.  The Irish pavilion is in Hall 1, stand C56.

    Ireland is widely recognised as a centre of excellence for the development of mobile and wireless technologies, and the exhibiting companies are all at the forefront of their respective industry sectors, in areas ranging from mobile blogging and advanced personalisation to dual-mode handsets and multi-party SMS.

    With over 3.78 million phones in a population of only 4 million, Ireland is officially Europe’s heaviest user of mobile phones.  The Irish also send three times as many text messages as their UK neighbours and several of the global telecommunications giants regularly use Ireland as a test-bed for new technologies.  Indeed, the world’s first SMS channel was developed in Ireland in the late 1980s by Logica CMG and Vodafone launched its first European 3G service in Ireland.

    Many smaller Irish companies have benefited from the experience and cutting-edge technologies these companies bring, and Ireland is now home to over 60 mobile/wireless technology companies. Supported by the Irish government and government funded research institutions, Irish telecoms companies continue to win substantial deals with tier-one fixed and wireless operators, regional players and cable companies throughout the US, EMEA and Asia-Pac markets.

    The Irish pavilion at the show is organised by Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government trade and technology board – go to for more information.  The following companies will be exhibiting:
    – ALATTO TECHNOLOGIES ( is a leading provider of Value Added Service solutions for mobile operators including TRIBES, a powerful Google-type facility compatible with all mobile phones.

    – ALTOBRIDGE ( is the developer of a software-based communications gateway that enables the use of GSM on aircraft, ships, and in remote communities.

    – ANAM ( develops next generation messaging and will be showcasing its unique smart services technology that allows the user to apply functions such as copy to email, divert, auto-reply, anti-spam and personalised blacklisting.

    – CAPE Technologies ( is a leading provider of revenue assurance and roaming management solutions for fixed and mobile operators.

    – CELLUSYS ( provides a suite of mobile solutions for messaging, digital media delivery, email and IP based voice integration, and will be highlighting a conference call platform that integrates SMS and VoIP.

    – CHANGINGWORLDS ( is pioneering the development of artificial intelligence and personalization technologies for the mobile internet.

    – CIBENIX ( provides smart phone solutions that enable operators to make data services more visible on mobile devices. Cibenix will be showcasing Cibenix Client 3.0 and Cibenix Server 3.0 that allow unique personalisation and customisation of content delivery.

    – CICERO NETWORKS ( is a leading developer of wireless VoIP solutions and will be showcasing a new version of CiceroPhone, a dual-mode VoIP/Cellular softphone.

    – IDIRO ( develops innovative mobile marketing solutions and will be exhibiting Idiro Customer Intelligence, a unique product that enables mobile operators to utilise an untapped area of customer intelligence – social communities.

    – MACALLA ( will be exhibiting Macalla Mobile Top-Up, a software platform that enables pre-paid top-up, plus other secure transactional applications including bill payment, loan disbursement, ticketing, and gaming.

    – NEWBAY SOFTWARE ( develops mobile media products including FoneBlog, the world’s first mobile blogging solution, and Foneshare, an application for legal mobile content sharing.

    – OPENMIND NETWORKS ( will be exhibiting its SMS Anti-Spam and SMS Personalisation services, and its solution for bringing the SMS experience to IMS networks.

    – PRIME CARRIER ( provides software that automates and streamlines carrier-to-carrier business operations, enabling carriers to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage inter-carrier trading relationships.

    – ROCOCO SOFTWARE ( is a mobility solutions provider focused on applications for the enterprise customer that enable advanced, converged voice services such as scheduled conference calls and inbound call management.

    – TANGO TELECOM ( will be exhibiting a portfolio of solutions that include its Convergent Charging Node for advanced mobile services and SMgate, an intelligent SMS delivery platform.

    – VALISTA ( is a global leader in the provision of multi-channel payments and merchandising platforms, accelerating digital content and premium services adoption for both ‘walled garden’ and more open ecosystems.

    – XIAM TECHNOLOGIES ( will be exhibiting its MPOS (Mobile point of sale) solution for mobile operators, which dynamically selects the best content for individual subscribers through analysis of behavioural patterns.

    – YQ? INTERNATIONAL ( is a leading provider of self-service payment solutions, providing in-store machine and EPOS based systems for pre-paid mobile phone credit, pre-paid Internet transactions etc.