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    The 3GSM World Congress on live DVB-H mobile TV


    SIDSA will give service to the platform’s live TV transmission via DVB-H encapsulator, VEGA IPDC

    The 3GSM World Congress will be on air through DVB-H mobile TV in the whole city. The Spanish operator Abertis Telecom will operate the DVB-H-based mobile TV platform that will give live TV coverage to the event, with SIDSA providing the necessary technology to make it possible.

    SIDSA, the international provider of Digital TV, Mobile TV, IP TV and broadband solutions, services and products, will play a leading role in the live TV transmission of the event, thanks to its market-leader DVB-H encapsulator, VEGA IPDC. This is a key component in any DVB-H platform – and necessary to make it work- whose mission is to convert IP packets into DVB-H streams, that is to say the gateway to DVB-H.
    Fully commercial and successfully tested, VEGA IPDC is currently a reference encapsulator in the international market that has been used in different world wide projects, including the Spain’s DVB-H Technical Trial, led by the operator Abertis Telecom.

    VEGA IPDC may work in a complex environment (for example, distributed architecture) along with POLARIS IPDC server and other IP Datacast equipment, such as Service Protection and Purchase & e-commerce servers, EtherCast Pro, MPEG-4 Transcoders and Electronic Service Guide servers.
    SIDSA will exhibit at 3GSM World Congress that will take place between February 13th and February 16th in the CY14 Spanish Pavilion, The  Courtyard.