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    Nokia “balances” workforce as part of reorganisation


    Networks division to redeploy 290 people, concentrate on emerging markets

    Nokia has decided its R&D focus needs to be nearer emerging markets, and has said it wll redeploy 200 people from its Networks division R&D staff. 90 staff within its Enterprise Solutions division. Staff will either be found other jobs within the comany or be offered voluntary severance packages.

    There will also be some additional changes to other areas, including its financial service function.

    Nokia said that in 2005 it recruited approximately 1,500 new employees in Finland, with over 8,000 people rotating into new positions across the group. At end-2005, Nokia employed 58,874 people globally, of which 23,485 worked in Finland. There were 13,237 research and development personnel in Finland at the end of last year.

    Nokia said it was responding to “increased technological complexity, rapid subscriber growth in emerging markets, convergence, and the consequent need by network operators for greater levels of solution customization and local support.
    “Recognizing the opportunities these developments bring, and given Nokia’s longstanding commitment to constant organizational renewal, Nokia is taking proactive steps to hone its business activities and bring them closer to key markets and customers.”