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    T-Mobile flexes tariff muscles


    “Flext” system basically a bundle

    T-Mobile is hailing a new tariff scheme it calls “Flext” as unique, and central to its plans to raise consumer usage and lotalty in the UK market, to which it has committed to invest £1.5 billion over the next two years.

    A Flext contract, which is for 18 months, will offer subscribers a certain number or minutes and texts, or any combination of them, for a set monthly fee.

    So the £35 per month deal gives 900 minutes of talk time and 1,800 texts, or any combination of them. In other words, a bundle. But T-Mobile says that the bundle substantially reduces costs to the user, taking call costs down to as low as 4p per miniute and texts to below two pence per text in some circumstances.

    It also makes the point that bundles reduce bill-shock, and keep run-on rates (the rates people are charged when they execeed their monthly allotment of calls and texts) to a minimum.

    A T-Mobile spokesperson said the bundles had had a positive reaction from consumers in market research, and the strategy was part of a campaign to “treat our customers better.”