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    IMS controlled VoIP to mobile handover


    Demos in Barcelona

    BridgePort Networks, the leader in MobileVoIP convergence, announced that it will be showcasing the first instance of seamless IMS voice call handover between GSM and Wi-Fi Networks during the 3GSM World Congress.

    BridgePort Networks has successfully completed interoperability of its NomadicONE IMS Convergence Server (ICS) with a commercial IMS Call Session Control Function (CSCF) platform and multiple Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs) and other associated network infrastructure components.  IMS is a platform that can be used by operators to flexibly develop and deploy a range of multimedia services for 2.5G and 3G mobile networks.

    BridgePort Networks’ NomadicONE ICS IMS-based fixed-mobile convergence solution provides mobile providers, fixed providers, cable providers and MVNOs the ability to offer single phone number voice services that can seamlessly hand over in-process voice calls between circuit-switched cellular and Voice-over-IP over Wi-Fi access networks.

    The solution conforms to technical requirements recently ratified by the standards bodies 3GPP and 3GPP2 for IMS to circuit switched seamless voice handover, known as Voice Call Continuity (VCC). The NomadicONE ICS is a specialized application server in the IMS architecture that supports GSM, CDMA and UMTS networks, and implements the IMS Controlled Model (ICM) method of handover per 3GPP technical requirements and, for CDMA2000 networks, the Call Transfer Model (CTM) method of handover per 3GPP2 technical requirements.

    In addition, NomadicONE ICS adds a number of optional advanced capabilities including Home Location Register (HLR) access for single registration and enhanced supplementary services support and mobile messaging support over Wi-Fi.

    “Fixed-mobile convergence is the key business case for IMS deployment”, said Mike Mulica, President and CEO of BridgePort Networks. “Seamless voice call handover conforming to IMS 3GPP technical requirements between mobile and Wi-Fi networks is ready for market trials today. It can be commercially deployed this year and is supported by both handsets for both mass consumer and enterprise markets.  The revenue driven by these converged voice services will outweigh those of all other IMS applications.”

    A growing number of dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets are compatible with the single phone number and seamless cellular to Wi-Fi handover capabilities of the IMS solution incorporating NomadicONE ICS. These include:

    ·       GSM/Wi-Fi – Microsoft Windows Mobile devices from HP targeting the enterprise and small form factor, low cost Linux smartphones from E28, suitable for mass consumer use.

    ·       CDMA/Wi-Fi – Microsoft Windows Mobile devices, with feature phones in active development.

    For these devices a number of client software companies have implemented support for single number dual-mode telephony, SIP-based VoIP, security and seamless handover, including BridgePort Networks’ partners: E28 and PCTEL.