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    Siemens concentrated on the stats, congratulating itself on its market position for 3G network contracts, and introduced a new design concept for base stations which split the radio head from the server.

    Siemens said that the conventional base station design, which sees the radio head connected to the server by cable brings with it limitations of space and locations. By splitting the two, the company says one server can supply up to 12 radio heads, cutting operator costs by up to 70%. The antenna must of course be at the usual base station site but the server can be located in a basement, for example, where space is cheaper.

    Thomas Ganswindt, group ceo, said he was aiming for number two position in mobile networks, which would mean overtaking incumbent second placer Nokia. To do this the company wants to win one W-CMDA contract every month, which would reflect its performance in 2005, Ganswindt said.

    Ganswindt said the company would also take a lead in DVB-H, and is already the first company whose mobile broadcasting solution can ope£GSm Round rate with devices from multiple vendors.

    Siemens also committed to a joint strategy on HSDPA, Flash-OFDM 450MHz and WiMAX. It would advance its position in IMS to allow cross network service support and convergence, Siemens added.

    Ganswindt turned out not to have heard of UMA when questioned on the details of his convergence strategy, but then perhaps  you can’t expect a ceo to go into all the details!

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