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    HSDPA now commercial in 50 countries


    The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has said that 138 operators have now commited to HSDPA dployments in 63 countires, and that there are now 91 commercial networks deployed in 50 countires.

    The GSA said there are 143 commercial WCDMA operators in 64 countries, meaning that almost two-thirds of WCDMA operators have activated HSDPA enhancement in some part and commercially launched mobile broadband services.

    Most HSDPA networks are delivering typical data throughputs to customers of 0.8 – 1.5 Mbps. The GSA survey said that 25 operators are supporting 3.6 Mbps peak data throughput in all or part of their networks.

    GSA also confirms from its related “HSDPA Devices” survey that there are now 120 HSDPA-enabled devices launched in the market, comprising:
    * 45 phones
    * 31 PC cards/modules
    * 30 HSDPA-equipped notebooks
    * 9 wireless routers/gateway products
    * 4 USB modems
    * 1 Personal Media Player

    40 of the 91 commercial HSDPA networks have also launched EDGE.