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    Austrian users in multi application near field trial


    Telekom Austria Group is conducting a NFC (Near Field Communication) field trial, with a wide range of applications, in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria, NXP Semiconductors Austria and voestalpine Informationstechnologie.

    One hundred triallists at the University campus in Hagenberg are currently participating in the trial, which will continue until summer 2007.
    The trial is different to other because of the wide range of different applications being tested on NFC technology. These include peer-to-peer information terminals, payment solutions for vending machines or cafeterias and access to different buildings.
    The hope for NFC is that  one device can  function as a key, electronic purse and mobile information terminal, as well as keeping track of all of the transactions carried out.
    mobilkom austria is monitoring user acceptance of the services in every day life, and the user experience study will provide the basis for future application developments, product improvements and ultimately for future strategies.
    Hannes Ametsreiter, Chief Marketing Officer at mobilkom austria said: “We are not NFC novices.We have over two years experience with this technology. We joined the NFC Forum in 2005, where we proactively co-shape its further development. On the basis of our market leadership in the Austrian mobile market and our international pioneering role in m-commerce, we are able to contribute to the project with both our expertise and the wide range of products and services we offer.”
    Recently the GSMA launched its own programme to standardise NFC, and more handset vendors are starting to include the technology in their phones.