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    Hey, good looking…


    An all touch screen UI with icons that glow when you use them and fade away behind a glossy black screen when you don’t; an MP3 player with support for a variety of codecs; a two mega pixel camera with 2x optical zoom; WQVGA video playback at 30 frames per second; a tri-band EDGE phone; a whopping eight whole GB of storage; and a hefty price tag likely to start at the €600 mark. Why, it must be the… LG Prada?

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    Described by Dr. Scott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, as “one of the most beautifully stylish handsets the market has ever seen”, the Prada phone was released not long after the full blaze of the media had dimmed on Apple’s iPhone release, and one could perhaps forgive Dr Ahn his hyperbole.

    The Prada Phone by LG will be available with prices starting from 600 Euros in mobile dealerships as well as selected Prada stores in the UK, France, Germany and Italy from late February, 2007 – which is considerably earlier than any Apple iPhone.

    Both companies insist Prada has had more input to the design than merely adding its name to the phone to part further cash from the label slaves.