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    3GSM 2007: Abaxia introduces complete handset customisation and personalisation suite for operators and device manufacturers


    Abaxia, the leading specialist in mobile desktop solutions, has announced today the launch of the Abaxia Mobile Desktop (AMD) suite, a range of mobile embedded products designed for customising the first page of the handset with a simple, intuitive and easy to use operator centric interface.

    The suite consists of three highly customised applications and provides an extensive UI, a search engine and discovery interface, and a tool that also takes the handset environment into consideration.  The AMD provides the operator with a powerful tool for building brand loyalty amongst its customers, increasing ARPU and reducing churn, and allows the handset manufacturer the ability to seamlessly respond faster to operator requirements and changing market demands, whilst also reducing costs and product time to market.

    The first application in the Abaxia Mobile Desktop (AMD) suite is Mobile Portal, an operator-customised User Interface that can be entirely personalised replacing the device standard home page. Mobile Portal features a unique launching screen and gives end-users easy, one-click access to value-added services, information and downloads. Mobile Finder is the second component in AMD, and consists in a powerful mobile embedded software specifically designed to simplify offline and online search, along with helping to boost operators revenues from services.

    “Mobile phone customisation is now evolving to handset personalisation, and we are now beginning to see new trends relating to areas such as Web 2.0, with Widgets and RSS feeds that all give the user more and more personalisation opportunities” said Cedric Mangaud, CEO, Abaxia. “The continuously increasing need for interaction with the carrier network is very important and Abaxia Mobile Desktop is the perfect  solution to take advantage of the shifting emphasis on these personalisation capabilities.”

    The third feature included in AMD applications suite is called Smart Agent, which interacts with the handset environment to bring the user contextual features and experiences. Through the customised User Interface, the final objective of AMD is to increase the personalisation capabilities of the user experience by offering choice at each and every point.

    AMD brings mobile telecommunication carriers a consistent suite giving their subscribers seamless access to an extensive range of services from the terminal User Interface (Widgets, RSS feeds, personalisation), a search and discovery interface, and a tool which takes the global handset environment into consideration.  All these factors will help carriers to better service their users and improve customer loyalty and brand reinforcement, along with significantly increasing voice, data and services ARPU. This is also opening the door for advertising opportunities.

    AMD also has excellent benefits for handsets manufacturers as it gives them the tools to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to operator customisation requirements without incurring the development set-up costs or overheads usually associated to in-house development. AMD suite is also compatible with most of the leading handset platforms and Smartphones, OS and will soon be available on proprietary operating systems.

    Abaxia will be participating at 3GSM.