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    3GSM 2007: Red Bend Software announces vRapid Mobile


    Red Bend Software, the market leader in Mobile Software Management and Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) updating solutions for mobile devices, has unveiled its new product suite, vRapid Mobile, which revolutionizes the way that manufacturers and platform providers bring mobile phones to market, and how operators and independent software vendors (ISVs) deliver mobile services.

    vRapid Mobile provides the first comprehensive approach to customizing software on mobile phones and delivering targeted mobile services for different consumer segments. Building on Red Bend’s patented FOTA software, which updates the entire firmware image as one monolith, vRapid Mobile is the first Mobile Software Management solution that can update, add and remove individual embedded software components on any mobile phone. It creates new revenue opportunities for the entire mobile value chain to deliver software features, applications and services easily and securely over-the-air to feature phones and smartphones already in the hands of consumers:

    • Operators and Service Providers: Increase ARPU by launching new mobile services independent of hardware release schedules.
    • Manufacturers: Achieve faster time-to-market for mobile devices by delivering new software components over-the-air after phones ship.
    • Platform Providers: Deliver platforms that enable operators to customize software assets at point of sale or post-sale for different market segments.
    • ISVs: Update or add software to devices already in the hands of consumers, increasing competitiveness and time-to-market.
    • Consumers: Enjoy new mobile applications and services, at the press of a key, for a more personalised mobile user experience.

    At 3GSM, Red Bend will demonstrate the first-ever installation, update and removal of native embedded software applications on a “closed” mobile phone architecture using a commercially available mobile phone from a leading handset manufacturer.

    “There is growing market demand for customized mobile phones and services targeted to different consumer segments, from sports fans to music lovers to traveling professionals. To match the service requirements of operators and the unique lifestyles of consumers, the industry needs a new approach to customization that doesn’t create a bottleneck at the factory,” said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Red Bend Software. “vRapid Mobile bends industry conventions by extending the reach of customization deeper inside the software architecture of mobile phones, across any mobile software platform, and at any time in a device’s lifecycle.”