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    3GSM NEWS: FTS launches Leap BCE Mobile Edition enabling real-time service interaction with customers


    First live demos of Leap BCE Mobile Edition to be presented at 3GSM

    FTS, a global provider of Business Control, Billing & CRM solutions for communications service providers, has announced the launch of Leap Business Control Engine (Leap BCE) Mobile Edition, a policy control and charging network element based on FTS’ patented Business Control Layer technology.

    Leap BCE Mobile Edition is groundbreaking innovation enabling operators to create a new paradigm in customer-provider relationship. The solution enables real-time customer interaction thus increasing revenues and customer satisfaction. This works by capturing and responding to events in real-time based on a pre-configured set of business policies and dynamically adapting network or service behavior in response to customer interaction. Action examples include: setting service QoS, sending the subscriber a message, provisioning an upgraded service, balance management, charging, or other.

    Leap BCE Mobile Edition comes equipped with a web self-care portal empowering subscribers to manage their services and control their spending or other aspects of services. Providing instant gratification, the web self-care may respond instantaneously to customer requests, provisioning commands, and interact with customers to enhance their overall service experience.

    Operators will see how Leap BCE Mobile Edition enhances existing OSS/BSS by integrating and complimenting these systems. Furthermore, the solution can simultaneously connect to multiple network infrastructures like wire-line, WiMAX, cable, and IP, enabling true blended cross-network service plans.

    FTS will be demonstrating Leap BCE Mobile Edition at 3GSM and will present two scenarios – VoIP over 3G Up-sell (and blocking), and broadband quota self-management
    – together with Allot Communications’ service optimization solutions based on deep-packet-inspection.

    These live demos will show mobile operators how Leap BCE Mobile Edition increases revenue opportunities and enhances customer experience providing operators sustainable competitive advantage and differentiation.

    “This is an exciting event for the industry. While many speak about the need for real-time customer interaction, FTS demonstrates both the product and customer case studies,” said Yair Sakov, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, at FTS. “Leveraging this capability, providers can better cater to their customers dynamically improving the customer experience, increasing retention and revenue opportunities.”

    In addition to Leap BCE Mobile Edition, FTS will be exhibiting its full range of converged billing solutions.