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    3GSM NEWS: Who holds the key to social networking on mobile? Tao Group survey reveals that 69% of 3GSM interviewees say operators and providers


    On the day that the 3GSM congress debated the future of social networking on mobile, Tao Group took to the show floor to see who has the power to bring the social networking revolution to mobile.

    Tao Group polled delegates and visitors to 3GSM 2007 who unanimously declared that service providers and network operators need to take joint responsibility if the weighty task of establishing social networking on mobile is going to become a commercial viability in 2007.

    69% of interviewees cited the operators and providers as key to social networking, the remaining 31% were divided between content developers, publishers and mobile device manufacturers.

    Francis Charig, Chief Executive Tao Group comments, “Social networking through dedicated Internet sites like MySpace and Bebo have revolutionised the way that people communicate online. Although it seems an obvious progression to bring this technology to the mobile space there is an opportunity for new players to emerge.”

    Charig concludes, “It wouldn’t surprise me to see some of the youthful talent in this industry create significant innovations in mobile social networking that will showcase at 3GSM 2008.”