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    OZ has embedded Java ME messaging app ready


    Canadian mobile messaging software company OZ has developed an embedded Java Micro Edition (ME) consumer messaging application.

    The developer said that the application is integrated and embedded on the device, out-of-the-box, meaning consumers will find it much easier to access and use the service.
    The embedded Java app is also intended to address device-centric concerns such as battery usage, memory access and Java ME device interaction.
    Currently available on the Nokia 5300 for the T-Mobile USA and Rogers Canada networks, the OZ Mobile IM Client runs in background mode, allows for icons and message indicators on the main device idle screen, includes auto-start when the device powers-on and has fully branded notifications with instant access to application.
    As with all embedded apps, the challange is to get them on to the devices. OZ said that additional devices will soon launch in North America with the embedded IM client, as well as the embedded OZ consumer mobile email client.
    “Close collaboration between OZ and device OEMs allows us to improve integration of mobile messaging applications and proves that embedded Java ME applications can provide native-like performance,”said Dan Coole, Vice President, Global Partnering and Device Application Business at OZ.
    “By leveraging our long standing OEMrelationships in this space, we are able to deliver a real-time messaging experience, which provides the consumer with easy discovery and access to the world’s most popular messaging communities, such as AOL(R), MSN(R) and Yahoo!(R).”
    OZ claims to have over 90 million clients deployed on mobile devices, in area rife with competition at client and device level, as well as at operator and network system level.