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    Generating additional revenues from messaging


    Without relying on developers or third parties 

    Derdack, a provider of mobile messaging platforms, has announced the launch of message master nx – a messaging service delivery platform (SDP) for creating, optimising, consolidating and managing Value Added Services (VAS) based on SMS and MMS.  Derdack said that the new product  will help operators increase revenue streams from new and existing messaging services. It launched a Beta version of the SDP at the Mobile World Congress in February 2009, and has had the product in testing with Vodafone Iceland.

    The messaging SDP gives operators the ability to build and customise VAS messaging applications and services using Wizards and familiar Windows-based drag and drop techniques. Derdack claims that this means that operators can finally break free of the traditional reliance on developers and third parties to modify or build services.

    Operators face many common challenges including running multiple VAS services on different servers, a lack of automation in billing and reporting and demanding consumers that are increasingly hard to lock in and retain.  To address these issues, message master  has been designed for operators who:

    • Want to dramatically reduce the time spent on user provisioning for new services
    • Require plug and play mobile messaging
    • Are in emerging or fast growing markets
    • Have to replace outdated in house solutions or who have no automated systems in place
    • Would like to reduce the reliance on third party developers
    • Need to consolidate multiple services onto a single platform
    • Are looking to capitalise on greater revenue streams from VAS services

    Matthes Derdack, Managing Director of Derdack concluded, “We have delivered on our aim to empower the operators to more efficiently manage their overall VAS business from a centralised platform.  message master nx will also enable operators to react faster and generate new revenue streams which are essential qualities in the tough economic climate.  Operators will also be better positioned to meet demand for customised VAS offerings around SMS and MMS.”

    Overview of solution details:

    • 3rd party access to SMSC/MMSC via multiple APIs (SMPP, MM7, SOAP, etc.)
    • Works as 2-way SMS/MMS router, e.g. for mobile subscriber content pull applications (with fraud-protection, spam control, throttling)
    • SMSC/MMSC connectivity via SMPP, UCP, CIMD2, MM7 and other telco standards
    • Platform for designing and operating SMS and MMS value-added services
    • Drag & drop service creation with via standard web browser
    • Real-time messaging tracking, service- and user-centric, downloadable reports and statistics
    • Highly flexible BSS integration for hot- and cold-billing and user provisioning
    • OSS integration, e.g. via SNMP

     Future developments include new gateway services to enable operators to better manage connectivity and additional mobile marketing facilities.