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    Orange launches contacts management service


    Orange has launched  ON, a service designed to make managing phone and social network contacts easier.

    The service lets users organise contacts from their phone address book, and PC and social network contacts, into groups. Status updates and information can then be shared just with the relevant group – family, friend, work colleagues etc.

    Depending on the group of contacts users can also define status and mood. One suggested usage from Orange is to be unavailable to your ‘friends’ whilst at work, but available to your ‘colleagues’. 

    Of as much interest, perhaps, is the fact that ON also includes a back-up service of contacts and data, stored on an Orange server.

    The application will first be available in English, with a test version for phones using the GoogleAndroid operating system, including the HTC Dream, Magic or Hero, ACER Liquid, Samsung Galaxy and Motorola DEXT, followed by the iPhone at the start of 2010, and then BlackBerry phones, Windows Phones and Symbian (Nokia) devices during the course of the year. ON is designed to be used by all and can be downloaded on (currently available as a beta-test version) operates on all phones and all mobile network