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    Trigenix and Voxmobili get in sync to make life easier for smartphone users


    Companies show operators can save millions of dollars through a joint approach to user interface updates and data synchronisation

    Trigenix, the mobile interface company, and Voxmobili, a multi-access software and solutions company, today announced that they are working together to provision mobile user interface content over a standard data synchronisation channel.

    By integrating the Trigserver and Voxsync server architectures, operators can use one mechanism for both user interface updates and data synchronisation. By using standard SyncML server technologies, Trigenix has shown that operators can save more than two million dollars over three years in server infrastructure costs. SyncML is an open standard and part of the OMA standards for Data Synchronisation and Device Management.

    Users expect services to be readily available and easier to use. They also keep increasingly more personal data on the phone. Synchronisation not only provides a lifeline to keep personal information securely backed-up by your service provider, but also keep the personalised information up to date (e.g. calendar, address book). For the first time this lifeline will keep the user interface updated such that new services are always ready to hand. This means:
        *    co-ordinated phone updates will be available on more Smartphones making life easier for more people
        *    operators will benefit from a wider take-up of Smartphones and data services
        *    the costs of deploying this solution should make it more widely available – even in small operator administrations.

    Commenting on the new relationship Steve Ives, CEO of Trigenix, said: “This is a great example of how the modular end to end architecture of Trigenix can be integrated with other best in class products based on open standards like SyncML. We are very pleased that there is such a good fit between our two companies.”

    Eric Vieillevigne, Managing Director of Voxmobili commented: “We are delighted to be able to show how the Voxsync server can be so easily integrated with Trigenix, to synchronise such crucial information as the user interface on a mobile. This shows how our open standards based approach to device management can help operators introduce new services cost effectively.”

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