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    NEC launches 3G micro basestation


    Small, flexible in-fill solution for 3G

    NEC UK’s 3G Systems division is extending its leadership in the provision of 3G infrastructure with the launch of a ‘Micro Node B’ basestation. Based on NEC’s proven 3G infrastructure technology, the NB-341 will offer a flexible and cost effective in-fill solution to deliver enhanced coverage and capacity for 3G network operators worldwide.

    NEC has already claimed its position as the world’s leading expert in the provision and optimisation of 3G network infrastructure and terminals. In the UK, NEC has led the supply of 3G radio infrastructure required by 3, helping to enable the operator to reach over 70% population coverage for its video mobile services in one of the fastest network rollouts in European telecoms history.
    The 3GPP-compliant NB-341 has been developed by NEC’s world-class R&D teams in Japan. It is small and lightweight yet robust, and can be located on roof-tops, in buildings, railway tunnels or even underground systems to deliver additional coverage and capacity precisely where it is needed.
    Small and flexible enough to be wall or pole-mounted, the product can be quickly and easily installed in almost any environment. It is equipped with low-noise convection cooling and has exceptionally low maintenance needs, meaning that it can operate in areas that require silence or where maintenance tasks are difficult to perform.
    “Once the first-phase of network roll-out is complete, operators turn their attention to fine-tuning and optimisation,” explains Jeremy Sheehan, Head of Commercial & Sales, 3G Mobile Systems, NEC UK. “The ability to deploy new sites quickly and cost-effectively will be crucial in extending the reach and capacity of 3G. The NB-341 has been designed to meet this need.”
    The NB-341 will be sold as part of the portfolio of products marketed by the NEC and Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) partnership. NEC and Siemens have developed an unrivalled track record in implementing 3G network solutions worldwide, including the delivery of Europe’s first commercial 3G network for 3 in the UK and Italy.

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