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    France Telecom launches MMS exchange for mobile operators


    France Telecom announced today the launch of “MMS Exchange”, an interworking service that enables mobile operators to roll out international data services easily and quickly. With MMS Exchange, mobile carriers will allow subscribers to send multimedia messages without barriers, a key factor in building customer loyalty and enhancing ARPU. In addition to managing an efficient technical interface, France Telecom will also negotiate MMS interworking agreements for operators. France Telecom’s platform is now ready for trials with mobile operators.

    “Our service lets mobile operators plug into networks quickly and help improve end-user experience of GPRS. Successful network interworking is one of the basic requirements for multimedia mobile to really take off,” said Patrice Girard-Donnat, VP Voice & Mobile Product Management at France Telecom Networks & Carriers. 

    Designed by France Telecom R&D experts, the solution will manage both outbound and inbound MMS traffic. Thanks to a simple and efficient mechanism, customers will be able to exchange their interworking MMS traffic with their partners of choice, including operators that are not France Telecom MMS Exchange customers. This brings flexibility to the deployment of operators’ MMS interworking agreements. The MMS Exchange service is based on France Telecom’s SS7 and GRX services, recognized as market leaders in terms of capilarity and coverage.

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