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    Bluetooth SIG appoints technical director


    Former Microsoft wireless architect joins

     The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the trade association responsible for the creation and promotion of Bluetooth wireless technology, today announced the appointment of Dr. Michael Foley to the position of Technical Director.

    Foley will direct the development of future versions of the short-range wireless specification, champion both interoperability and usability initiatives while overseeing the various working groups responsible for the technology’s growth. The Bluetooth SIG created this position to meet market demand for the burgeoning technology and to ensure the specification continues to lead the way in the short-range wireless space.

    “Globally this past year the market for Bluetooth equipped products nearly doubled, and we are encouraged for similar growth in 2004. We felt it was critical to create this new position to ensure a high quality experience for the growing number of users and to better prepare the technology to support forthcoming wireless scenarios,” said Markus Schetelig, senior manager, local connectivity group at Nokia and chairman of the board for the Bluetooth SIG. “Mike Foley brings the perfect mix of wireless know-how and Bluetooth specific background to this position.”

    Foley is not new to the Bluetooth landscape. While at Microsoft he served as the SIG’s Chairman of the Board and was intimately involved in the launch of Bluetooth enabled Microsoft hardware products and worked toward the integration of Bluetooth into future versions of Microsoft operating systems. 

    “Since its inception, I could see the potential for Bluetooth wireless technology. The growing momentum the technology has seen over the past several years makes this  an exciting time in the wireless industry, I am looking forward to being a part of it,” said Mike Foley, newly appointed technical director of the Bluetooth SIG.

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