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    Willetts joins Logan Orviss


    Keith Willetts, widely recognised as one of the world’s leading
    authorities on communications management, is joining Logan Orviss International (LOI) as an Associate Partner. 

    Honoured twice in the Communications Week ‘Top 25’ awards for industry visionaries, Keith is regarded as a highly experienced consultant specialising in strategic business development.

    Keith espouses that operational systems and processes used in the telecom industry must be radically transformed to cope with today’s mushrooming service mix, rapid change and constantly falling operational costs.  As co-author of the highly influential book, The Lean Communications Provider, Keith is a strong advocate of a ‘lean’ business framework that can deliver continuous reductions in cost, unrelenting service innovation and consistent improvement in customer service.

    “The telecoms industry has been through some pretty tough times over the last two or three years, and this has brought to the fore the importance of having an organisational structure aligned with the business processes.  Vendor independent consultancies such as Logan Orviss International are critical in this environment and are valued by telecoms service providers looking for guidance in how they can optimise their systems and business processes,” says Keith Willetts.

    Keith will act as a senior level advisor to Logan Orviss International whilst still maintaining his positions as a Managing Partner at Mandarin Associates and as Chairman of the Board of Directors at TeleManagement Forum Inc. 

    “LOI is expanding rapidly both in terms of geographic  overage and breadth of services it offers to the telecom industry. By joining LOI, Keith will help us fuel this expansion considerably and his talents will strengthen both the range of expertise available from our leading consultants and the LOI management team” said Brendan Logan Co-Founder
    and Chief Executive Officer LOI Group.

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