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    Service providers not delivering for multi-nationals


    Patchwork of mobile technologies proves frustrating for
    multinational corporations

    According to a recent Yankee Group report, decisions regarding
    mobile data and voice at multinational corporations (MNCs) are
    shifting from the local level to the core of corporate strategies. The problem is that the internal systems of MNCs and mobile service providers have not been able to keep pace.

    The report, EVUA Members Highlight Issues with Multinational
    Corporations and Mobility, notes that although the value of mobility is clear to MNCs, they feel they are overpaying for basic voice and that mobile data services lack the essentials for supporting critical applications. Eighty-two percent of respondents believe mobility is not simply about cellular networks, but a combination of GSM, GPRS, dial-up, hotspot solutions and one-number services. This presents a significant challenge to service providers.

    “The industry is made up of a series of discrete technological
    offerings, yet users are asking for services that draw from a variable mix of these options to address specific business needs,” says Chris Lewis, senior vice president, EMEA Research and Consulting.
    “EVUA has continually challenged mobile operators to provide appropriate services for its members’ needs,” says Meredith Rose, deputy chairman, EVUA, and leader of Mobility Special Interest Group.
    “MNCs are looking for mobile solutions tailored to their strategy, meeting defined business objectives and demonstrating a return on investment. Operator response has been slow and progress has been limited.”
      “Competition is increasing and more flexible service models are desperately required,” says Declan Lonergan, director of the Yankee Group’s wireless research in EMEA. “Growth in wireless data is a particular driver for IT services companies like IBM and HP. Traditional managed service providers such as BT Global Services, Equant, and Cable and Wireless have an opportunity to build on their managed IP, frame relay, and limited applications offerings. There is also an emerging opportunity for niche aggregators such as DotDash or
    Transatel. For dominant mobile voice providers like Vodafone, MNCs represent a key battleground.”

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