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    ComArch enables next generation networks


    ComArch takes telecommunications forward with OSS & BSS solutions supporting the technology of the future EDGE and UMTS and expands the possibilities of implementing new types of services for customers and gives new wide business opportunities for telecom operators and content providers. ComArch TYTAN Billing Platform and InsightNet Network Management Platform enable information and communication service providers to deploy, then effectively use 3G networks, and allow for the extension of their current functionalities within 2.5G networks.

    The accounting of new type of UMTS services requires open and flexible billing systems to handle huge amount of data, new complex types of services and multiple service and content providers. The fully integrated TYTAN Billing Platform enables operators rapidly to develop new revenue streams, handle new services and share the revenue with the whole chain of service providers. Its real-time capability allows full prepaid and postpaid convergence.

    TYTAN Data Processing Server (DPS), as the kernel of the platform, is a very efficient rules-based rating engine, that has been benchmarked on major hardware platforms to process the volume of data that UMTS will generate. TYTAN InterPartner Billing component uses the DPS to respond to the new market requirements  i.e. quick  implementation and configuration of various revenue sharing scenarios.

    “Our OSS & BSS systems are specifically designed to handle the complexity and huge volumes of data connected with the next generation networks and services. They enable fast introduction of new services to the market giving the competitive advantage for the carriers and content providers and taking out the real business value out of new technologies” – says Christophe Debou, ComArch Board Member, Business Telecommunications Unit.

    ComArch InsightNet Service Management gives the operators an innovative tool for managing UMTS networks and monitoring QoS for current and new UMTS services. Continuity and quality of the offered services has essential value in the context of the revenues of the carrier. Monitoring of the network as well as services and early detection of the potential problems allows the carrier to take measures aiming at minimalising the loss of revenue.

    Another key component in InsightNet solution – InsightNet Service Level Agreement is ready to facilitate the implementation of new types and class of services. Thanks to this module operator can see its network state from the business point of view – how the quality of the network and services impacts revenue from the network. This approach is especially important in today’s high competitive market where the quality and price decides about the customer satisfaction and finally about customer retention processes.

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