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    TCS enhances Wireless Messaging Gateway to expand support for interoperable wireless applications


    CTIA 2004 
    TCS provides platform for multiple revenue-generating services

    TeleCommunication Systems, Inc, a global leader in wireless data technology, today announced its latest Wireless Messaging Gateway (WMG) platform. The WMG allows carriers to easily deploy a variety of proven interoperable applications (e.g., Mobile Spam Block, 3GPortal, mmsHub, mmsMail, and smsExpress, which can be customized to meet specific requirements.

    The WMG feature packs (e.g., 3G-multi-media messaging portal, Single Sign-On (SSO) capability, and thin client handset applications) are targeted at carriers interested in evolving messaging to 3G and offer a valuable group of modular, customizable, interoperable features on a highly available, geo-diverse application server platform. The WMG as an application server provides the cornerstone for building value-added service applications. “The feature pack hits the carrier sweet spot for sustaining revenue growth in the wireless data arena,” says Tim Lorello, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for TCS.  “These applications are consistent with TCS’ vision of providing integrated messaging and location solutions that facilitate delivery of third party services to mixed handset technologies.”

    WMG application modules include:
    Mobile Spam Block is the mobile industry’s leading anti-spam software with TCS serving approximately forty percent of the market among U.S. carriers.  Mobile Spam Block enhances the TCS messaging firewall. It provides the user with full control to prevent a wide variety of spam and to designate senders or messages as spam (black list) or safe (white list).  The user can control these settings from the web or their cell phone. Mobile Spam Block is complete with carrier and subscriber anti-spam, blocking, and message filtering.  A set of features prevents unwanted, unsolicited messages from being sent to mobile subscribers from the Internet, email server, or another mobile handset. The subscriber can choose which messages to see or block, and the carrier can set throttles to control the pace at which certain sources can send messages.

    The 3GPortal using the WMG provides the subscriber with a centralized access point for website registration, authentication, self-provisioning and profile management, enabling a consistent user experience across disparate messaging types. The portal performs key message processing and provides an interactive subscriber screen that showcases the carrier’s products and services.  Seamless user authentication is enabled through the SSO application using a load-balanced web services architecture. Underlying HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) redirect technologies allow seamless login and authentication to third-party content providers. A Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based messaging Application Programming Interface (API) enables value-added service providers to exploit two-way messaging.  Secure user sessions are supported via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transactions. 

    The mmsHub is a 3G extension of the TCS WMG platform. It provides carriers with enhanced control and management of content. The tool includes robust protocol conversion and filtering rules as well as “store and forward” messaging routing. TCS’ mmsHub allows carriers to support, distribute, and convert the MMS messages entering its network and deliver the formatted message to the mobile device, email servers, roaming partner networks, and ISPs. The WMG supports SMS, EMS and MMS routing, which enables efficient, dynamic filtering and consistent message delivery to the carrier’s subscribers via a single messaging domain. 

     TCS’ mmsMail offers carrier-branded configurable outbound email templates to facilitate delivery of consistent multi-media content to all major email servers. TCS mmsMail drives 3G usage by enabling smooth two-way MMS messaging between mobile devices and email clients. TCS’ mmsMail performs core message processing and then applies configurable out-bound message templates to facilitate HyperText Markup Language (HTML) formatting of MMS messages routed to any e-mail server.

    TCS’ smsExpress allows carriers to off-load bulk or mobile originated SMS traffic to the WMG platform to increase the surge capacity of existing Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs) to accommodate “bursts” of traffic.  smsExpress is a cost-effective solution that enables carriers to easily increase capacity and improve delivery success rates by reducing retry attempts commonly associated with overloaded systems. 

    WMG is a modular, robust, and resilient multimedia-messaging gateway that enables subscribers to make reliable connections. The WMG forms the basis for messaging functions and applications and is technology and vendor neutral. The WMG’s best-in-class messaging architecture provides geographically distributed load balancing and true active/active geo-diverse databases. TCS’ WMG is currently deployed in fifty-two installations globally.

    TCS will be demonstrating the WMG Applications during the Conference in Atlanta from March 22 through March 24, 2004 at the TCS booth # 1529 in Hall B2.