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    Psytechnics guarantees voice quality for millions of Ukrainian wireless users


    CTIA Wireless 2004

    Ukrainian Mobile Communications (UMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobile TeleSystems, has chosen Psytechnics to implement a voice quality measurement solution across UMC’s network of 3.5 million wireless subscribers.

    UMC increased its customer base in 2003 by 97% and required a system to track the quality of service delivered to customers, especially during a time of rapid growth. The company needed an integrated network management system that truly reflected the experience of their customers. Only then could UMC monitor and improve its network.

    In response, Psytechnics is providing UMC non-intrusive voice quality monitoring capabilities, through its PsyQ analysis system. This will provide real-time analysis of the voice quality delivered by the network from a customer perspective.

    The NiQA and CCI algorithms contained within PsyQ generate Mean Opinion Score (MOS) based assessments and diagnostics. These are gathered by a central network management system and used in the detection of faults, missed revenue opportunities and also fraud.

    “We have experienced extremely rapid growth over the past few years and our primary commitment remains the quality of service we provide to customers,” said Eric Franke, UMC Chief Executive Officer. “Voice quality is a key consideration for all our users. The Psytechnics solution is unique because it enables real-time monitoring of live customer traffic, effectively maintaining the network from a customer perspective.”

    “Traditionally, engineering metrics such as radio signal strength and loading have been the only metrics available to measure network performance,” said Iain Wood, marketing director at Psytechnics. “The NiQA algorithm enables a new generation of network monitoring tools that target problems which actually affect customers. This can only be achieved using a system that looks at live traffic, giving measurements of user experience where and when they are making calls. The implementation of PsyQ will mean clear, crisp calls for UMC customers across the Ukraine.”

    Psytechnics is demonstrating PsyQ and other voice quality measurement technology at CTIA 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia, March 22 – 24, 2004, Hall B5, Booth 5066.