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    Orange Switzerland uses WeRoam’s WLAN roaming service


    Orange decides to implement the pioneering WeRoam SIM authentication service

    Within the scope of its WLAN strategy, mobile operator Orange has decided for Switzerland to implement the pioneering SIM authentication technology and global roaming service by WeRoam, a service belonging to TOGEWAnet AG. This business partnership with WeRoam will enable Orange to offer its customers access to 8,000 national and international hotspots with immediate effect. WeRoam will also enable Orange’s customers to access the wireless Internet  service via SIM authentication on a secure and convenient way. This system does away with the need to use annoying voucher cards, temporary passwords and other time-consuming log-in procedures. All users need is a SIM card and a personal PIN number.

    This new WLAN service will complement Orange’s existing GSM and GPRS mobile communication solutions. Indeed, in the future SIM authentication is set to make seamless transitions between WLAN, GPRS and UMTS possible.

    WeRoam is a global WLAN roaming service and, as a neutral service platform, connects the networks of the leading mobile- phone and telecommunications companies with the thousands of hotspot locations belonging to wireless Internet service providers. The open WeRoam platform offers user’s a cost- effective way in to SIM-based authentication, is ready to work with future standards such as EAP/SIM and also supports the RADIUS standard.