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    24 EU member states yet to comply with Electronic Communications Code


    The European Commission is opening infringement procedures against them.

    Most European Union (EU) member states have not enacted the Electronic Communications Code that came into play at the end of 2018. The countries were given two years – to 21 December 2020 – to transpose the code into their national laws, but most have failed to do so.

    Only Finland, Greece and Hungary have notified the European Commission that they have complied.

    The Commission has opened what it describes as “infringement procedures” against the 24 member states.

    They have two months to respond and it seems that for most it is work in progress – for example, TIM as part of the co-investment FTTH model it submitted to the national telecoms regulator last week.

    The code’s aims

    The code took a long time to hammer out and is supposed to be an updated regulatory framework. It is designed, “to enhance consumers’ choices and rights, for example by ensuring clearer contracts, quality of services, and competitive markets.”

    “The Code also ensures higher standards of communication services, including more efficient and accessible emergency communications.

    “Furthermore, it allows operators to benefit from rules incentivising investments in very-high capacity networks, as well as from enhanced regulatory predictability, leading to more innovative digital services and infrastructures,” according to the Commission.