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    Netsize continues its global expansion with the opening of a new subsidiary in Hungary


    Netsize, Europe’s leading mobile solutions provider, has announced the opening of its new subsidiary in Hungary. With more than 7.3 million subscribers and a penetration rate of 71.5% in the first half of 2003, Hungary is the third largest mobile market in the region.

    Content providers in Western Europe especially in the UK will benefit enormously by the availability of premium SMS in Hungary giving them one more market to launch mobile services in and to generate incremental revenues. Netsize is already offering premium services in over 18 countries and extension of its services in Hungary is the next step as part of its strategy to further expand its coverage into Eastern Europe. Netsize started its operations in Poland last year.

    The Hungarian mobile data market is very well developed; advanced operator solutions are already in place and Premium services are widely used. The market is also very provider-friendly, with its uniform tariffs and the relative ease with which cross-network premium rate numbers can be obtained. Yet despite this, the quality of mobile content on offer in Hungary often lags behind that of its Central and Eastern European neighbours.

    “What is missing is a level of quality and maturity that only a large international service provider like Netsize and its partners can bring,” said Peter Neuman, newly appointed country manager for Netsize Hungary. “Currently, the Hungarian market is made up of lots of small, local companies. Against this backdrop, Netsize, with its state-of-the-art technology, strong marketing approach and financial stability is ideally positioned to implement internationally-proven solutions and business models here in Hungary.”

    Additionally, its geographical location means that Hungary can also be a gateway for further expansion into other Eastern European countries like Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Romania.