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    Alcatel trumpets 3G role for Orange France


    At the opening ceremony of Orange France’s “Villes Pilotes UMTS” project in Lille, Alcatel announced that it has been selected as the exclusive supplier of Orange France, with responsibility for integrating 3G services in the framework of the Orange’s UMTS pilot cities of Toulouse, Lille and Cannes.

    In   Lille,   Alcatel   also   supplied   and  integrated  the  UMTS  radio infrastructure and the circuit switched core network solution. In addition, Alcatel will ensure the optimization of the radio network and the ongoing operation and maintenance support for both radio and circuit switched core.

    The  services  package  developed  and  integrated  by Alcatel for Orange’s “Villes Pilotes UMTS” project includes fixed-to-mobile video telephony, web conferencing,  video  messaging,  online  gaming,  a  3G video portal, a TV service  package, webcam access, live sporting events and instant messaging services, with personal multimedia storage for 3G testers.

    Alcatel has provided Orange with a comprehensive solution that includes the application  servers  and  the hosting and turnkey operation of the service platforms,   guaranteeing   end-to-end  Quality   of   Service  (QoS)  and performance. To provide this enhanced new services offering, Alcatel worked
    hand-in-hand with various partners specialized in applications, content and handsets. Alcatel  has  also  integrated  all the new services into Orange France’s information system.

    “Alcatel  is  Orange’s chief partner in the launching of the “Ville Pilotes UMTS”  project  in  France”  added Marc Rouanne, chief operating officer of mobile  communications activities at Alcatel. “The launching of Orange’s 3G services  in  Toulouse  and Lille demonstrates Alcatel’s ability to provide mobile  operators  with turnkey mobile solutions that render the technology transparent and place the end-user at the very center of 3G.”

    Orange  has chosen Alcatel as its priority supplier for its 3G/UMTS network infrastructures  in Europe. In France, Alcatel is the sole supplier for the deployment of the 3G/UMTS network that will cover the north and west of the country,  Paris  and the Paris region. The Orange Group has decided to step up its 3G/UMTS network deployment program in the United Kingdom by choosing Alcatel as second supplier.

    In  addition  to this, Orange is using the open environment of Alcatel’s 3G Reality  Centres  (3GRC)  as  a  basis  for  the new “3G Developer Centres” created  under  its  global-scale “Developers Programme”. These centers are open  to  local  developers  – most often small companies – giving them the
    opportunity  to  develop  innovative enhanced-content 3G services, and test them in true-to-life conditions in Alcatel’s end-to-end 3G environment.

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