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    Creditors delay Radiolinja-Elisa merger


    Action for annulment filed

    Oy Radiolinja Ab has received an action for annulment, where six parties involved in the redemption procedure of Radiolinja minority shares and the action of annulment against a decision made at Radiolinja’s Annual General Meeting in spring 2000, demand the cancelling of the merger resolution made at Oy Radiolinja Ab’s General Meeting in December 2003.

    The aforementioned parties have filed a creditor’s objection to the merger in the Trade Register. Due to the objection, Elisa has made an announcement in the Q1 interim report of 29 April 2004 that the merger of Oy Radiolionja Ab with Elisa Corporation is not likely to take place on the original scheduled date, which is 1 July 2004.
    The possible delay of the merger of Oy Radiolinja Ab will not change the operational mode and brand of the unified Elisa.  Consent to all other mergers announced on 28 October 2003 has been received, and these processes will conform to the schedule, also in that respect that Oy Radiolinja Ab’s subsidiaries are to merge into Oy Radiolinja Ab.

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