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    Orange France tests 3G handsets with Anite


    To speed up the launch of 3G mobiles   

    Anite, a major provider of test solutions to the wireless  communications industry, today announced that leading mobile operator, Orange France, has purchased its 3G protocol test system, U-SAT. Orange France will use the product to speed the launch of 3G mobile handsets for use on its network. With the U-SAT, Orange France can ensure that handsets achieve conformance to currently evolving W-CDMA standards, offering the highest quality possible to end-users.

    Anite’s U-SAT is a signalling test solution for W-CDMA mobile terminals for use in development and conformance testing. As mobile phone users have increasingly high expectations of how devices should perform, thorough testing is important for both operators and handset manufacturers to ensure that new devices comply with increasingly complex standards. This testing is crucial particularly at higher data rates and across new technologies such as 3G.

    Orange France has been using Anite’ s 2G SAT and SAS solutions for over two years and, as a key operator partner of Anite, the company collaborates closely in the technical development of testing systems. Orange will use the newly purchased U-SAT together with the existing 2G testing system to benefit from a full multi-RAT testing environment.  As Orange deploys 3G services in France, the combined testing solution will enable them to test handover issues between 2G and 3G, and give them peace of mind when launching new services.

    Yves-Denis Martin, Head of Devices and SIM at Orange France, says:”We are committed to offering high quality, innovative services to our customers, and testing of mobile devices prior to deployment is key to ensuring product compliance and a reliable service for our customers. Our partnership with Anite will help us in preparation for the launch of 3G services this year.” 

    Nigel Coxon, MD of Anite’ s Telecoms division, adds: “We are delighted that Orange France has bought our U-SAT test system to use with their existing 2G SAT and SAS solutions. Testing handover between 2G and 3G is crucial for operators prior to comprehensive W-CDMA coverage. Our 3G U-SAT solution used in combination with the 2G SAT and SAS offers a multi-RAT testing environment that will enable Orange to deliver services that work across networks.”

    Anite’s solutions test the individual protocol layers in a mobile terminal to ensure compliance with the most recent industry standards. They can also be used for end-to-end application testing. The solutions are designed to test GSM, GPRS, EGPRS, W-CDMA and HSDPA mobile terminals.

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