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    SMS plug-in to Outlook for the enterprise market


    Enabling business users to run two way mobile messaging communications direct from their PC

    Zinek, the leading developer of mobile messaging servers for mobile and broadband application services providers, announced today the availability of the latest enterprise communicate products – Mobile Manager (SMS Plug in to Microsoft’s Outlook) and Mobile Buddylist PC client (SMS sending client). These new enterprise products connect directly to Zinek’s robust Message Exchange server providing global messaging coverage and the ability to push and receive all forms of mobile data.

    “SMS is fast becoming an integral part of business as it allows information to be sent instantaneously,” states Zidane Nekmouche, CEO of Zinek. “The beauty of Zinek’s two new enterprise SMS clients is that they combine established communication channels into an even more effective tool – both in terms of time, and ultimately, cost of enterprises”.

    “There is currently a significant, unfulfilled demand for SMS solutions in the enterprise market,” say Paul Kinsella, VP Marketing at Zinek.  Many leading analysts have reported that SMS will become as mission critical to business as email, but until now companies have not had access to the kinds of tools needed to integrate SMS into their businesses.  Zinek has made SMS simple to use, secure to operate, cost effective to utilize and easy to integrate with existing technology. Through our partnership with many system integrators around the world, international businesses of all sizes can now make SMS a key part of their business communications environment”.

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