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    Polycom adds Symbian support to group calling client


    Application for Series 60 platform based on Symbian OS extends reach of MobileMeeting

    Polycom, the world’s leading provider of Unified Collaborative Communications solutions, today announced the availability of Polycom’s MobileMeetin wireless instant group calling application for the Symbian O, the industry-leading smartphone operating system.

    The solution has been delivered as part of Symbian’s Catalyst Program, a ‘by invitation’ program bringing new and innovative solutions to commercial reality. By ensuring support for Symbian OS, MobileMeeting will enable faster, more simplified group creation and call set-up from a wider choice of Symbian OS smartphones.

    MobileMeeting is an innovative instant group calling application for mobile carriers that offers a fast and convenient way to connect and collaborate on mobile phones and devices, enabling people to work efficiently and effectively while on the go.

    By pressing a few keys on a wireless phone or next-generation data device, users can instantly initiate group calls and quickly connect with others for voice collaboration.  For mobile operators, MobileMeeting provides a service that increases revenue, attracts high ARPU users, and reduces churn.

    “Imagine having the ability to initiate conference calls on-the-fly with any number of participants through a few simple key presses – that’s what MobileMeeting for Symbian OS brings to the market,” said Jerry Panagrossi, vice president of US operations, Symbian. “Innovative technologies and services, such as MobileMeeting for Symbian OS, stand to change fundamentally the way we think about communicating with entire groups, teams, and departments through the use of a Symbian OS-based mobile phone.”

    “The openness and flexibility of Symbian OS allows us to deliver MobileMeeting to any number of smartphones based on Symbian OS after their manufacture,” said Bill Ernstrom, vice president and general manager of Polycoms Voyant division.  “We are excited that MobileMeeting is part of the Catalyst Programme to build on the great functionality of smartphones based on Symbian OS, making the smartphone a more ubiquitous and powerful communication tool.”

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