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    Bango brings ‘Send to a Friend’ to mobiles


    Viral text service kicks off with one million free messages

    Bango has launched its new ‘Send to a Friend’ service that allows
    content providers to generate more revenues from their mobile Internet sites through viral marketing. The Bango service provides a quick and easy way for users to recommend a site to other people on any network, in any country.

    If users are enthusiastic about a mobile site and want to share it with their friends, they simply click a ‘tell your friends about this site’ link and enter the mobile phone number of the person they want to tell. Bango then automatically sends a text message containing the site details together with a link that automatically connects the user to the site.

    To launch the new service from 7th June Bango is giving content providers one million free text messages to encourage visitors to their sites to use the service.

    “It is every marketer’s dream to emulate the success of The Blair Witch Project and Friends Reunited on the Internet, through users spreading e word far and wide,” commented Ray Anderson, CEO of Bango. “Bango’s new ‘Send to a Friend’ service makes this possible on the Mobile Internet for the first time. To take part in what we believe is the biggest ever mobile Internet marketing campaign, Bango content providers
    simply need to add the ‘Send to a Friend’ link to their WAP site.”

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