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    My-Toons, Mobileway offers a new way to personalise your mobile


    Mobileway, the global leader in mobile messaging, marketing and entertainment, announces the launch of a new application My-Toons that lets mobile users personalise their mobile in a new different and fun way.

    With My-Toons mobile users themselves become the star of their own mobile phone screen in just a couple of clicks. Already two of the major web portals in France have adopted this application. My Toons lets you:
    1. personalise your screensaver
    2. turn yourself into a cartoon
    3. share your favourite photos amongst your friends

    Personalised Screen Saver – lets the mobile user insert his/her own picture into a screen saver. The mobile user can upload his/her own picture on to a portal or select a picture from a selection and they can then download it from the portal onto their mobile and insert it into their screen saver. They can select a screen saver from several different categories: e.g. sports, entertainment, heroes, greetings cards etc. Why not create a screensaver with you dressed as Superman?

    Mobile Cartoon – You can’t fly? You can now with “Mobile Cartoon”, this lets users animate a picture and save it to their screen. See yourself dressed as Superman and flying!

    Photo sharing – now you can download your favourite pictures from the website onto your mobile and then share them with your friends.

    Cédric Bassaget, Sales Director France at Mobileway said: “My-Toons is the first application on the market which goes beyond the typical mobile personalisation product as it’s now possible not only to insert your own picture but also to animate it.”

    He adds, “This application lets the user truly personalise their mobile. This service is just the first step of what lies ahead. Indeed the mobile user will now become more and more involved in the personalisation of their own mobile.”

    My-Toons works with any type of mobile phone with a colour screen that allows image download via WAP or MMS. Prices are 2,50 € TTC per download for “Personalised Screen Saver” and “Mobile Cartoon” and 2,60 € TTC, per download for the “Photo Sharing” plus WAP connection costs. Mobile users are billed via Premium SMS or IVR.