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    Anthropics Technology puts a face to a name with FaceWave Messaging


    New BREW-based application that allows users to communicate through “Talking Heads” makes appearance at the BREW 2004 Developers Conference

    Anthropics Technology, a privately-held mobile software development company, today announced FaceWave Messaging, the first BREW-based application that enables users to create their own “talking head” video messages simply by speaking into their phone.

    The FaceWave Messaging application lets users create, send and receive their own animated and imaginative video messages through BREW-enabled handsets.  Once the application has been downloaded wirelessly, users choose from a large library of cartoon characters, animals, personalities or even inanimate objects and then animate them by simply speaking into their phone. On the receiving end, the user’s voice animates the selected “face,” bringing it to life with real expression and emotion.  FaceWave is ideal for sending greetings, telling jokes and other personal messages.   

    “The BREW solution is the perfect vehicle to develop and deliver FaceWave Messaging to millions of mobile subscribers around the globe,” said Andrew Berend, CEO, Anthropics. “The BREW version of Facewave delivers messages with high quality images in a small file size.  Our technology humanizes mobile communication in a way that’s never been done before.”

    “QUALCOMM is pleased to be working with Anthropics in bringing this innovative and dynamic application to life,” said Mike Yuen, director of BREW Developer Relations for QUALCOMM Internet Services.  “The BREW solution facilitates the development and implementation of applications that enable companies such as Anthropics to take wireless applications to a whole new level.”

    QUALCOMM’s BREW solution provides products and services that connect the mobile marketplace value chain, which includes publishers, application developers, content providers, device manufacturers, operators and consumers.