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    BTG telecommunications Quality Guide 2004 declares TTG is ‘the most customer-focused provider’ in The Netherlands


    For the third year in a row TTG Netherlands dramatically improves its ratings in the telecommunications industry’s most important satisfaction survey; TTG Netherlands top or in second place for most benchmarks

    TTG Netherlands, part of TTG Europe plc, the AIM quoted provider of fixed and mobile, voice, data and internet telecommunications solutions to business customers in the Benelux countries and the UK, has been named as the Netherlands most customer-focused telecommunications provider in the annual BTG Quality Guide, just published. This is consistently in line with previous year’s survey findings. For the past three years TTG Netherlands has consistently improved on its satisfaction rating across the board in this, the Dutch Telecom industry’s biggest survey of quality.

    BTG – The Dutch Association of Major Business Telecommunication Users – has just announced the results of its 2004 survey, Facts, Figures and Perception. In order to keep a finger on the pulse, BTG monitors the quality of services supplied and customer-focus in the ICT field. BTG sends out a questionnaire to its members and asks them to record their experiences with the services supplied by operators.

    In order to make comparisons easier, the survey takes the same form as in previous years. The rating scale from 1 to 10 has once again been used. The figures have the usual meanings, from very poor (1) to outstanding (10).

    The report said: “TTG…displays mainly improvements. This operator already performed well last year compared to other (years). TTG’s rating for fault levels has improved sharply from two years ago, from 6.9 in 2002 to 7.8 in 2003 and 8.5 this year for national outgoing traffic. And we see a similar improvement in international traffic: from 6.4 in 2002 to 7.2 in 2003 and 7.9 in 2004. It follows logically that its score for price/performance ratio should increase too…”

    TTG has moved to first place this year in national telephony in terms of network quality and invoicing, and remains in first place in account management, response to customer’s needs, commitment, service by trouble ticket and speed of service delivery.

    According to BTG, TTG displays only improvements, with all its scores this year being 7.0 or higher. In the arena of international telephony TTG Netherlands has moved to first place in invoicing, response to customer’s needs, commitment, service delivery and quickness and remains in first place in service by trouble ticket and account management. In addition it has moved up to second place in network quality.

    The BTG survey comes to the conclusion that TTG Netherlands performance has improved across the board at almost all levels. Last year TTG’s rating for connection fault levels rose from 6.9 to 7.8. This year, that score has risen even further to 8.6, giving TTG the highest score of all the providers for fault levels for outgoing national traffic. Speed of delivery has improved sharply: from 6.9 to 7.8.

    Graham Pollard, CEO of TTG Netherlands and Belgium said: “This is a marvellous result and rewards the effort which TTG management and staff have made to improving our services this year. We are particularly proud that while pioneering new technologies such as Voice over IP we score so highly in the core areas of the telecommunications industry – service and delivery. The across the board improvements show that no one issue is being addressed at the cost of others – we have a genuine commitment to quality and we are delivering on that commitment day-on-day and year-on-year. I congratulate the staff of TTG Netherlands and Belgium for their hard work and attention to the needs of the customer.”