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    Visto launches Visto Mobile for wireless operators


    Visto Mobile gives network operators integrated solution for delivering personal, business or global enterprise email on all popular mobile phones

    Breakthrough mobile messaging solutions provider Visto Corporation today announced its new integrated platform allowing mobile network operators to provide push-based mobile email/PIM solutions aimed at individual, small business or corporate customers.

    Visto Mobile unlocks the market by providing operators with a single common architecture to integrate a range of push email/PIM services on a host of different handsets, from most simple phones to the most capable smart phones. Visto Mobile provides the real-time platform operators want, in order to provide a wide range of mobile mail solutions to their subscribers. The platform includes Visto Mobile Personal Edition, providing personal email/PIM to subscribers; and Visto Mobile Enterprise Server, an enterprise class solution for companies using Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino servers.

    Visto Mobile provides an always-connected solution for immediate delivery of email to the mobile device over 2.5G and 3G networks including GPRS, CDMA/1xRTT, CDMA 2000 and WCDMA.

    “The Visto Mobile platform provides a powerful tool to mobile operators,” said Paolo Pescatore, senior analyst for IDC’s European Wireless and Mobile Communications Service. “Visto’s strategy of providing broad device support, personal and corporate email/PIM, with real-time, push email delivery, makes them the one to watch. It’s shown impressive growth having nearly 200,000 paid subscribers among ten wireless operators worldwide.”

    With this new release, Visto has also improved upon product usability and performance on popular mobile devices including Sony Ericsson’s P900, P800, palmOne’s Treo600, Nokia 6600, and SPV e-200 and J2ME-based devices. Other enhancements include scalability and performance; reporting and customer support tools and ‘class of service’ provisioning features that help mobile operators create service packages targeted at specific customer segments.

    Visto Mobile is integrated within a Network Operating Centre (NOC) that can either be located within the operator’s network, or can be independently hosted by Visto. Hosting the Visto Mobile Access Platform on the NOC provides a single point of integration for the operator’s authentication, provisioning and billing systems.

    With recently secured funding totaling more than US$65 million, and over 200,000 paid subscribers with ten different mobile operators worldwide; Visto is an acknowledged leader in developing and introducing multiple mobile email solutions. The company owns nine patents relating to mobile email/PIM, and is the mobile email client of choice for both PalmSource and Microsoft.

    This new platform follows on the company’s acquisition of Seattle’s ViAir last year, and incorporated ViAir’s technology onto the Visto Mobile Personal Edition and Visto Mobile Enterprise Server mobile email/PIM clients.

    “Visto continues to set the pace for introducing mobile email/PIM solutions to market,” said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO of Visto Corporation. “The heart of our proposition is that with the Visto Mobile platform, operators can offer customers individual, POP3, or corporate email/PIM accounts. What’s more, they can use handsets from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, palmOne, or many others, and run the service over Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, PalmSource, or J2ME operating platforms.”

    “We provide control and flexibility for the operator, and choice in the hands of the customer. Our focused team of developers and the broad scope of our patents will allow us to continue to push the mobile mail serviceboundaries,” Bogosian added.

    Visto has already begun implementing its next generation push architecture aimed at improving user experience and optimizing data usage. Visto also plans further developments to advance and expand the range of add-on services operators will be able to offer. For example, the company plans to upgrade the Visto Mobile platform to enable operators to seamlessly introduce add-on services for current handsets. Visto Mobile platform is being integrated into the company’s existing operator services in the USA, Asia Pacific and Europe.