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    Data will account for all mobile revenue growth in Western Europe until 2008, says Yankee Group


    New forecast projects mobile data revenues will doubleto $50 billion over next five years

    Mobile data will generate all mobile revenue growth in Western Europe until 2008, according to the Yankee Group’s new EMEA Wireless/Mobile Data Forecast. Released today at the Yankee Group’s Wireless Leadership Forum in London, the forecast projects mobile voice revenues stagnating at around $124 billion, while data revenues will more than double over five years to approximately $50 billion. Fueling this data market growth will be quadruple revenue growth in wireless entertainment revenues as well as a doubling of enterprise data users.

    “Data is what it’s all about for Western European wireless carriers,” said Declan Lonergan, director, Wireless/Mobile Europe. “Voice markets are saturated and voice ARPU is declining. Data ARPU, however, will more than double over 5 years, representing 29% of total ARPU. This is significant both in terms of absolute numbers, and the applications behind the numbers as well. Entertainment revenue will be key to long-term growth and video, music and games will be growing at an impressive rate compared with more nascent data applications such as messaging, which will have begun to stagnate by 2008.”

    The Yankee Group EMEA Wireless/Mobile Data Forecast, a 5-year prospective view of key indicators for the EMEA wireless data application markets, including total market, messaging, entertainment, information, M-commerce, enterprise and value-added voice segments. The forecast includes metrics for the total region plus regional European segments, as well as country specific metrics for 16 major
    national markets.