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    WeRoam enters into roaming agreement with Bitbuzz in Ireland


    Agreement enables Ireland’s largest wireless Internet service provider to introduce SIM authentication

    The open WeRoam roaming platform with around 10.000 Wi-Fi hotspot locations worldwide and Bitbuzz, a leading independent wireless Internet service provider in Ireland, have agreed to work together closely on introducing the pioneering SIM authentication solution into the Irish wireless public Internet access market. This cooperation agreement means that international WeRoam customers will be able to access Bitbuzz’s WLAN hotspots in hotels, bars, coffee shops and other public areas easily and safely by using a SIM card and PIN code. The process of purchasing pre-paid cards will no longer be necessary, for these WeRoam customers.

    To develop the patent-pending SIM authentication technology, WeRoam combined its many years of know-how in GSM roaming and clearing with the unique characteristics of WLAN technology. WeRoam’s customers have fast, easy and secure access to wireless Internet services from thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across the world and all they need for authentication is their personal 4-digit PIN number and a SIM card. They will be conveniently charged to their monthly mobile phone invoice.

    Bitbuzz operates Wi-Fi hotspots across Ireland at well known locations such as “The Market Bar”, “The Mespil Hotel”, “The Kylemore Cafe” and “Fitzpatrick Castle” and can now, thanks to its cooperation agreement with WeRoam, expand its authentication methods to include the future-oriented SIM technology as the first WISP in Ireland to do so.