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    Oplayo launches Java solution for video over GPRS


    Claims it breaks Nokia grip on mobile video

    Oplayo, the leading mobile video specialist, today launches its latest mobile video product, the Oplayo Vidlet 2.2, that breakthroughs Nokia’s exclusivity to include Siemens, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Motorola, Sharp, LG, Sanyo and NEC and more.

    Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, UK Managing Director at Oplayo commented; “Oplayo Vidlet 2.2 is the only technology that allows anyone with a colour screen phone to quickly and easily access video services for receiving, viewing and sending mobile video content, without the need for 3G.”

    “By using a single Java MIDlet over-the-air download both the player and the content, including several types such as video, background audio and splash-screen images, is delivered to the user in one package. This benefits content owners, who can speak directly to consumers; operators who can reach out to large numbers of their subscriber base; and marketers who can utilize new viral marketing techniques.”

    Working with GSM or GPRS connections, service providers will be able to create marketing opportunities for broad customer groups such as video subscription services, mobile video greeting cards and viral distribution of video material.

    Every single click through or view is logged in Oplayo’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) server offering a powerful statistical analysis for marketers and can provide a restriction on the number of times a user can view content for operators to better control ARPU.

    Oplayo has a global customer base and offers this product with local language support in English, German, Italian, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Czech, Finnish, Arabic, Norwegian and Russian.

    “To support Vidlet 2.2, Oplayo has re-launched its Vidlet Webstore offering content aggregators pre-packaged mass market Vidlets including content from many consumer brands.”

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